Outlive Design is the coolest, new, modern, and mindful way of designing your space… as a present!

It’s an online invitation platform that helps you find an independent, professional interior designer with the access to creating free, customizable, intuitive, online invites combined with the convenience of crowdfunding to help make interior design accessible.  This invite tool allows your family and friends to conveniently RSVP + contribute towards any design project as a present in any monetary amount for any special occasion!  Professional assistance saves you from making costly design mistakes and monetary gifting saves your guests from searching and you from receiving unwanted boxed presents and lost gift cards.

To us, it’s less about the invite and more about making interior design accessible to help you start at home and live a well-designed productive life!


Why Outlive Design?

  • It makes interior design accessible!
  • It makes giving simple and eliminates waste!
  • It’s not a registry and you're not asking!
  • Invites are free, intuitive, customizable, and eco-friendly!
  • Guests can conveniently RSVP + contribute in any monetary amount both at the same time!
  • Hosts can manage their monetary presents, guest details, and RSVP's all online!
  • Monetary presents mean flexibility.. add more, spread it out or save up!
  • Professional assistance prevents costly design mistakes!
  • Design a “future” project by using the invite only!


To get started, please contact one of the independent interior designers listed on our platform directly for all design related questions or to request a sample invite.  Only they can access our invite tool.

Do you have a favorite interior designer near you you’d like to work with?  Please let us know by contacting us here.

Are you a professional, independent interior designer interested in accessing our invite tool to help your clients, followers, family, and friends of friends?  Please contact us and we will assist you with registration, setting up your profile (optional), and creating invites.

Thank you!

Outlive Design



Our awesome developer working behind the scenes in Costa Mesa, CA

Our customizable, eco-friendly, mobile-friendly, intuitive, modern, and mindful online invitation!