Dining Rooms

October 17, 2018
How Outlive Design Invite Helps Guests

How Our Invite Helps Guests

Your guests are just as important to us as you are!  Outlive Design’s intuitive online invitation not only helps you but also helps your family and friends in the following ways:   ECO-FRIENDLY Guests don’t have to worry about losing […]
September 2, 2018
Where Do I Start Designing My Home as a Present?

Where Do I Start?

To start designing your home as a present for any special occasion, contact one of the independent interior designers listed on the platform directly.  We do not believe in virtual designers, therefore it’s important for us to help you find […]
August 30, 2018
Design Workshops Schedule

Upcoming Design Workshops

Attending our free 1-on-1 design workshops is a great way to learn how to design any home project as a present for any special occasion.  We introduce Outlive Design platform, discuss interior design process and its cost, share sample invites, […]