Design Your “Future Home”

How Outlive Design Invite Helps Guests
How Our Invite Helps Guests
October 17, 2018
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November 23, 2019
Design Your Future Home

For those young couples who are not quite ready to move out of their parents’ home yet or are still working on their future home but love interior design and would like to avoid unwanted presents can still take advantage of our invitation to design their “future home” as a present!



Get in touch with one of the interior designers listed on our platform and ask them to create an invite only.



Our invite is free when you hire an interior designer for design services, but for invite only you’ll be charged a small fee.



  • Using our online invite will help you manage your monetary presents!


  • It will also help guests save time and energy spent on searching for stuff you don’t need.


  • It is not a registry so it also saves you time and energy spent on picking out stuff that you won’t know what to do with and then returning them.


  • It’s mobile and eco-friendly!



Note:  You don’t need to own a house in order to live a well-designed life!  If you’re planning to rent for a while, your interior designer can help you style your home in a way that can move with you wherever you go.





Image:  @thesanerhouse