Design any space as a present for any special occasion!  For instance, you can design a nursery as a baby shower present, a kid’s room as a birthday presents, a kitchen as a wedding present, a small business, etc.  You can also design a "future" home project as a present by using the invite only.  Learn more by contacting one of the interior designers directly: Find an Interior Designer

  • Guests can contribute in ANY monetary amount because it's not a registry!  
  • They save time, energy, and money spent on searching for unwanted gifts!  Our invite intuitively lets guests know exactly what you wish for as a present (a well-designed space!) without you directly asking.
  • They get to see a sneak peek at exactly what they're contributing towards!
  • They can conveniently RSVP + contribute both at the same time from their desktop or mobile phone with the click of a button.
  • They can quickly add the invite link to their online calendar or bookmark it.
  • No one has to worry about lost envelopes, expired gift cards or guess who gave what!

When you design your space as a present, your family and friends of friends will want to as well! :)

Couples who are getting married but won’t be moving out on their own anytime soon or are in transition can request their interior designer to create an invite only to help them manage their RSVPs and save up the monetary gifts in order to use them for designing any home project in the future when they’re ready. 

Note:  Although the invite is free with interior design services, designers will charge for creating an invite only.  Please reach out to them directly to learn more: Find an Interior Designer

You can use the invite for ANY special occasion, such as, a wedding, baby shower, birthday party, graduation, anniversary, etc.  Learn more by contacting one of the interior designers directly: Find an Interior Designer

Get in touch with an independent interior designer several months before you need to send the invite out to your friends and family!  Following are some ways you can find one:

  • On our platform: Find an Interior Designer
  • By visiting designers' individual websites to check if they provide our invite tool as a service 
  • By searching and following them on social media 

Do you have a favorite interior designer near you you’d like to work with or are you a professional, independent interior designer interested in accessing our invite tool to help your followers, friends, and family design any space as a present for any special occasion?  

Please contact us here and we’ll help them/you register to access the invite tool, set up an optional profile, give you tips and ideas, and answer all of your questions.

  • There is no gift registry!  If you’re receiving our invite from a friend or family member, it means they wish to design a home project as a present in lieu of unwanted boxed gifts.  So please contribute using the invite link as you RSVP.  If you choose to do so on the day of instead, please bookmark it now and set a reminder. 


  • Don't worry!  You can contribute in ANY monetary amount as a present because your convenience is important to us!  It will go directly to the host’s personal account.


  • Your contribution will go towards designing a home project (or any other space) as a present!  Check out some images from the design planning phase by visiting the same invite link you initially received from the host.  


  • By contributing using our invite tool, you’re not only helping the host, but also saving yourself time, energy, and money spent on searching for unwanted gifts and gift cards that might expire or get lost!  PS: Together we help save our planet from waste as well!


  • Yes, you can also design a project as a present! :) Learn more by getting in touch with an interior designer:


  • For guests who expect a traditional invitation in the mail, you can always print the invite link (URL address) on the invitations that they can follow in order to RSVP and contribute towards your home project as a present online.


  • You can also mail save-the-dates only and then e-mail or text the invite link later to give your guests a little bit of both.


  • Mail invitations to Baby Boomers and e-mail or text the invite link to Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z+!