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How Our Invite Helps Guests

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Your guests are just as important to us as you are! Outlive Design’s online invitation not only helps you but also helps your guests in the following ways:



Guests don’t have to worry about losing or feeling bad tossing your exquisite invitation!

Tip:  You can always mail invitations to your traditional minded guests or mail save-the-dates to all guests before e-mailing our invite built with a purpose.



It saves them time, energy, and money spent on searching for presents you don’t need!

It tells them exactly what you wish for as a present for the special occasion.

It allows them to quickly add your special occasion to their online and mobile calendar or bookmark it.

It also helps them quickly pull up the map for directions on their way to your event.



They can contribute in ANY monetary amount with just a click of a button sent directly to your personal account.



The invite helps manage all monetary presents so neither your guests panic for losing their money nor you have to worry about losing envelopes or wonder who gave what.






Photography by Steve Steinhardt