Plan • Invite • Design

Do you love interior design?

Have you tried doing it all on your own? Did you get the wrong result? If yes, then we’re sure you need design help with planning, budgeting, ordering, managing, executing, etc. We understand that the whole process can be intimidating for many reasons, but it doesn’t have to be! We’re here to not only help you step-by-step, but also save you some money on the way.

How? It’s simple…

If you’re having a party soon, why not have your family and friends contribute towards a well-designed space as a present?  Schedule a design appointment with one of the interior designers listed on our platform at least a few months before you need to send the invite out.  They’ll discuss your needs and take care of the planning phase from field measurements to selecting paint colors, furniture, fixtures, equipment in order to work out an estimated goal amount needed to bring the design plan to life.  You will pay for the planning phase only at this point.



Avoid Unwanted Presents!

Once the cost has been finalized, the designer will create a free, customized, intuitive online invitation with the goal amount added to the back-end for you to send it out to your guests inviting them to the special occasion.  Guests will be able to conveniently RSVP + contribute towards the design project as a present in any monetary amount.  It will save them from searching for and you from receiving unwanted presents eliminating waste!  It will also help you manage your monetary presents, guest details, and RSVP's all online.


NOTE: Our invite tool is not a registry and you don’t have to worry about “asking” because it’s intuitive!  Also, monetary presents mean flexibility; you can add more money, spread it out or save up the leftovers!  

DIY or Collaborate

After the event is over, you can use your monetary presents to finish designing your project by yourself or continue working with your designer (highly recommended!) to execute with perfection.

Use our invite tool for any special occasion to design any space as a present!  Following are some of our favorite ways it can be used:


  • Design your living room or kitchen as a wedding present
  • Design your bedroom as an anniversary present
  • Design your kids’ room as a birthday present
  • Design your small business as an anniversary present
  • Design your “future” project by using the invite only


NOTE: Make sure to reach out to an interior designer a few months before you need to send the invite out.

To get started, please click below to find an interior designer to answer all of your questions, request a sample invite or schedule a design appointment.

Do you have a favorite designer you'd like to work with?  Please let us know and we'll help her/him register to access the invite tool to get you started!