Why Outlive Design?

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September 3, 2018
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Why Outlive Design?

Outlive Design
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  • Outlive Design is a platform that helps you find an interior designer of your choice to help you get started with the design planning phase in order to save you from making costly mistakes. Please get in touch with one of the interior designers listed on our platform directly.


  • Note: All interior designers work independently and only the ones listed have access to our invite tool.



  • We understand that design is expensive, that’s why we created this platform to help you walk through the process step-by-step.  You investing in the planning phase by hiring a professional interior designer is less expensive than spending on the whole process by yourself. The free customized invite that your designer creates allows your guests to contribute towards the project as a present makes it easy on you.


  • If you’re getting married, rather than spending on designing and mailing your wedding invitations, investing in designing your home as a present is a way better call with our free invite.


  • To us, it’s less about the invitation and more about helping you live a well-designed life which is healthy and safe, because design is about solving problems in order to increase human productivity.  Decoration, on the other hand, is beautifying.



  • It saves you from receiving unwanted presents and your guests from searching for them as it allows them to contribute in monetary form towards your design project as a present while responding to the invitation.



  • Our invite is paperless!



  • The monetary presents received from your guests go directly into your personal account so you have the freedom to work on your design project however you prefer now that you have the plans from your designer.  However, we highly recommend hiring your designer once again to finish the project with perfection.



  • It provides information, inspiration, product highlights, designer highlights, design tips, free regular 1-on-1 design workshops, event updates, giveaways, and much more on our social media channels.  Please stay in touch by following us on Instagram and liking our Facebook page @OutliveDesign.



Image: Designed by Mr. Orlando Soria and photo taken by Tessaneustadt