Outlive Design
What is Outlive Design?
August 25, 2018
Outlive Design Behind-the-Scenes

We’re so grateful to have such a wonderful team helping us build our invite platform in Costa Mesa, California to make your dreams come true of living a well-designed, productive life! Our platform is designed to solve many problems when it comes to home designing, such as…


  • Not knowing where to start from when trying to design on your own


  • Making costly design mistakes


  • Not finding interior design accessible at all


  • Not finding those unwanted presents you just received useful


Please contact one of the independent interior designers listed on our platform directly to schedule a design appointment, get all of your questions answered or request a sample invite.


Are you a professional, independent interior designer interested in accessing our invite tool to help your clients design their home as a present?  Please contact us and we will assist you with registration, setting up your profile (optional), creating and managing invites.


Thank you!