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A quick intro… Outlive Design is the newest online invitation platform supporting interior designers while making design accessible for clients!


  • Only registered, independent interior designers can access our customizable online invitation in order to use it as a sales and marketing tool to help your clients and promote your work organically.
  • The invite is combined with the convenience of crowdfunding allowing guests to contribute in monetary form towards any design project for any special occasion as a present!
  • In the near future, we will partner up with wedding platforms to help you meet potential clients, until then, there are no charges to use this tool so take advantage by starting with your family and friends or your existing clients.


To learn more or register to access the invite tool, please contact us today.  We will assist you with registration, your personal profile, and creating and managing invites for your clients.  Keep in touch with us on social media @OutliveDesign.



Outlive Design