To The Trade

Hello there!

As interior designers, we’re here to make it easy for our clients to not only understand the design process but also help them live well by making it accessible. Outlive Design allows us to do just that!

It’s a tool designed for the trade that combines the convenience of online invitation and crowdfunding together to walk clients through the interior design process step-by-step.  They may want to hire you from start to finish or just for the planning phase.

At the end of the planning phase, you create a customized invite, add the goal amount needed to purchase the products to the built-in crowdfunding tool, and forward it to your client in order for them to send the invite out to their guests before the event.  After the event, it’s upto the client to either finish the project on their own or hire you once again to place orders and execute with perfection.

If you would like to be contacted by potential clients while working independently, please contact us to be listed on the platform.  Only those listed here have the access to creating invites.  Please note that we are working on a designer login system so you can set up your own account, profile, and create multiple invites for your clients.

Thank you!