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A quick intro… Outlive Design is the newest, customizable, intuitive online invitation platform based in Southern California supporting interior designers while making design accessible for your clients!



  • Only registered, independent interior designers can access our invite tool to help their clients design any home project as a present!


  • The invite allows family and friends to RSVP and contribute in any monetary amount towards any design project for any special occasion saving everyone from unwanted boxed gifts or lost envelopes and expired gift cards.


  • As an interior designer, you're not doing anything different when it comes to the design process except for creating invites for your clients at the end of the planning phase in order to add a goal amount needed to execute the project.


  • As a sales and marketing tool, it helps you promote your work organically to your potential clients, the guests, by allowing you to showcase images from the design process giving them a sneak peek at what they are contributing towards!


  • Because it’s monetary based and not a registry, you’ll be able to make necessary changes to the design plan as needed before placing orders.  The flexibility also allows clients to add more money to bigger projects if necessary or save up the leftovers from smaller ones.


  • Currently, there are no charges (ends soon) to use this tool or create a profile (optional), so please feel free to take advantage!


  • TIP: Add the invite tool to your services and spread the word among your family, friends, and followers to get started.



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To learn more, register or request a sample invite, please contact us and keep in touch on social media @OutliveDesign for upcoming workshops, Q & A, tips, and ideas.




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