UC Irvine on Outlive Design!

FIDM Alumni LA Schmooz 2018
FIDM Alumni LA Schmooz
September 18, 2018
How Outlive Design Invite Helps Guests
How Our Invite Helps Guests
October 17, 2018

UC Irvine on Outlive Design!

Outlive Design Invitation Preview

UC Irvine features Outlive Design in a recent blog post!  Please check it out at socs.ci/outlivedesign . We’re so thrilled and grateful to University of California Irvine’s School of Social Sciences for supporting their alumni and look forward to helping you transform your life by designing your home to be a healthy and safe place to live as a present!

To get started, please contact one of the independent interior designers listed on our platform to schedule a design appointment to get all of your questions answered.  They will assist you with the design planning phase and create a free, customized invitation for any special occasion so your guests can RSVP and contribute towards the design project as a present.

Are you a professional interior designer interested in joining our platform to access the invite tool? Please contact us and we will assist you with registration, setting up your profile, creating and managing invites for your clients.