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September 2, 2018
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September 5, 2018
The Newest Online Invitation
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Outlive Design is the coolest, new, modern, mindful, and customizable online invitation platform, which means you can design ANY space as a present for any special occasion (bigger the better!). Only registered interior designers listed on our platform have access to creating customizable invites for you to help you design your home as a present. Here are just a few creative ways you can use this invite…


  • Design your living or family room as a wedding present


  • Design your kitchen or bathroom as a housewarming present


  • Design a nursery as a baby shower present


  • Design your kids’ room as a birthday present


  • Design an office space for your new promotion


  • Design your or your parents’ bedroom a wedding anniversary present


  • If you’re a realtor, give a gift card to a client that can be used towards the planning phase of designing their home as a present. Please contact us for more information on gift cards.


How will you use this new invite? To get started, please contact one of the interior designers listed on our platform directly to learn more or attend a design workshop!

Are you a professional interior designer? Please contact us and we will assist you with registration, setting up your profile, creating and managing invites for your clients.


Thank you!


Image: Tustin Ranch Golf Club