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Februery 6, 2019

What is Outlive Design?


Outlive Design is the coolest, new, modern, and mindful way of designing your home… as a present! It’s an online invitation platform that helps you find interior designers who provide in-person professional design assistance to help you get started and save you from making costly mistakes. They also create free, intuitive, online invites allowing your family and friends to not only RSVP but also conveniently contribute towards your home design project in any monetary amount as a present for any special occasion! Don’t worry, you’re not “asking” and it’s definitely not a registry!

Note: All interior designers work independently. Please contact them directly for all design related questions here. If you’re an interior designer interested in accessing our invite tool to help your clients, please contact us today to learn more or register. You can also follow us on social media @OutliveDesign to stay in touch.



We understand that interior design is expensive, that’s why we created this platform to help you walk through the design process step-by-step. Investing in the planning phase by hiring a professional interior designer and using our free online invitation to allow your guests to contribute towards the rest of the project makes design more accessible.

If you’re getting married, rather than spending on designing and mailing wedding invitations, investing in designing your home as a present is a way better call. You can still mail formal invitations to your traditional guests or simply mail save-the-dates to all guests before e-mailing our invite that’s built with a purpose.

To us, it’s less about the invitation and more about helping you start at home by making design accessible so you can live a well-designed life that is affordable, healthy, and safe because design is about solving problems in order to increase human productivity. Decoration, on the other hand, is beautifying.




Because your presents are monetary (sent directly to your personal account), nothing gets purchased until after the event allowing your interior designer to make necessary changes to the design plan in order to keep the overall cost under control.

It also means that you can ADD MORE money to bigger home design projects or SAVE UP the leftovers from smaller ones.

You can design any space as a present for any special occasion! Our invite can be customized for any natural gift-giving occasion, such as, a wedding, baby shower, birthday, anniversary, etc.

Renting? Not a problem! Interior designers can style a space in a way that can move with you wherever you go.

Getting married, but planning to live with your parents for a while? You can still take advantage of a big event and request one of the interior designers to create an invite only to design your “future home.” This will help you save up your monetary gifts to be used towards any design project in the future.




Our invite saves you from receiving unwanted boxed gifts and your guests from searching for them as it allows them to contribute in any monetary amount as a present while responding to the invitation.

Interior designers get to showcase images from the design process to give guests a sneak peak so they know exactly what they’re contributing towards.

It’s intuitive, which means you don’t have to worry about “asking.” Plus, when your guests see you design your home as a present, they’ll want to do the same for themselves. So technically, you could be helping your family and friends of friends start at home and live a better life.

Once again, it is not a registry, which means it also saves you time and energy spent on picking out stuff that you won’t know what to do with later and then worrying about piling up or returning them! No lost envelopes or expired gift cards!




Our invite is paperless and it allows your guests to contribute with just a click of a button from anywhere, add it to their online calendar or bookmark it! Please do not hesitate to ask for a sample invite by contacting one of the designers listing on our platform.




Follow us on Instagram or Facebook @OutliveDesign for inspirations, in-person and online workshops, designer highlights, design tips, Q&A, and much more! Do you have a favorite interior designer near you you’d like to work with? Please let us know and we’ll help them register to access our invite tool to help you design your home as a present!




Image: Designed by Orlando Soria and photo by Tessaneustadt