When To Use This Online Invitation?

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August 30, 2018
Where Do I Start Designing My Home as a Present?
Where Do I Start?
September 2, 2018
The Newest Online Invitation

Outlive Design offers a free, customizable, intuitive, online invitation which allows your designer to help you design any space as a present for any special occasion (bigger the better!). Your family and friends can conveniently RSVP and contribute in any monetary amount saving themselves time and energy spent on searching for unwanted boxed gifts.

Don’t worry, you’re not “asking” and you can always add more money to the project or save up the left overs.

Here are just a few creative ways our invite can be used:


  • Design your living or family room as a wedding present


  • Design your kitchen or bathroom as a housewarming present


  • Design a nursery as a baby shower present


  • Design your kids’ room as a birthday present


  • Design a bedroom as an anniversary present


Which space will you design as a present for your next special occasion? To get started, please contact one of the independent interior designers listed on our platform directly to learn more or request a sample invite.


Do you have a favorite interior designer near you you’d like to work with? Please contact us and we’ll help them register to access the invite tool.


Are you a professional, independent interior designer interested in accessing our invite tool? Please contact us and we’ll help you register, set up your profile (optional), create and manage invites for your clients, followers, family and their friends of friends!


Thank you!







Image: Tustin Ranch Golf Club