What is Outlive

Februery 6, 2019

When To Use This Online Invitation

Here are just a few creative ways our invite can be used:

  • Design your living or family room as a wedding present
  • Design your kitchen or bathroom as a housewarming present
  • Design a nursery as a baby shower present
  • Design your kids’ room as a birthday present
  • Design a bedroom as an anniversary present
  • Design a small business as a present
  • Design a dorm room as a graduation present
  • Design a "future" home project as a present requesting your designer to create an invite only


Which space will you design as a present for your next special occasion?  To get started, please contact one of the independent interior designers listed on our platform directly to learn more or request a sample invite: Find an Interior Designer


Do you have a favorite interior designer near you you’d like to work with or are you a professional, independent interior designer interested in accessing our invite tool to help your followers, friends, and family design any space as a present for any special occasion?  


Please contact us here and we’ll help them/you register to access the invite tool, set up an optional profile, give you tips and ideas, and answer all of your questions.


Thank you!



Image: Tustin Ranch Golf Club